Our Difference

At Mercer,

we differentiate ourselves in several key ways that benefit our clients by enhancing the value we bring to their relationship.


Without corporate ownership, we have the freedom and flexibility to research and resource a complete range of services and solutions for our clients, identifying best-in-class opportunities. We are not limited in our access to partners and providers; for example, we work with multiple custodians for the convenience of our clients.

Organized Approach

Inspired by Todd Mercer’s military training, we design our service and client coverage with great care and discipline to ensure that every relationship is well understood by multiple team members who have been cross trained to provide optimal support.

Multigenerational Team

While each Mercer team member has meaningful, relevant experience, we range in age – ensuring not only an ability to relate to clients at different phases of their lives, but also a continuity of service as our firm can grow alongside a client family or organization over the decades to come.

Personal Focus

We look at every client as a person, never as a number or an account. Our intention is to treat all clients like family and foster a relationship based on trust and genuine caring. Communication is a key part of our culture and it’s not unusual for the Mercer team to visit our clients at home or work when we’re “in the neighborhood.”

Business Advice

Many of our clients are small business owners, entrepreneurs or work in a corporate or non-profit environment. They’re comfortable coming to us with questions about their organizations because they respect our experience, objectivity and discretion – just as we respect their confidence and trust in Mercer.